Three C’s for getting your child on an effective homework program

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1. Talk with your child about your concerns regarding his or her grades. Find out if they are also concerned. Questions to ask: Why do they think they are not completing assignments? Do they find it difficult? Are they feeling lazy about doing the work and would rather play their favourite game.  Listen to what your child has to say. Then explain your desire for them to succeed and attain their true potential. This desire is going to require them to be on system that will make them successful. 

2. Talk with your child’s teachers. Find out what are his and her challenges at school? What has the school been doing to help? What is the school willing to do to help? Get the email addresses of the teachers so that you can dialogue with them about whether or not your child received an assignment and due dates.   

The first step to being consistent is to have a structure in place. This will give you and your child predictability and an excellent way to truly assess what the problem is. Create a schedule for study and home work time ‘Not as soon as they come from school.’ Allow your child to rest and unwind, go outside a little, have some family time, then it’s time to hit the books again.  Whatever time you create stick to it. Your child might try to distract you, plead with you or guilt trip you out of doing their homework however you must not be moved! It is important that they learn the values of being responsible; dedicated; and persistent regardless of their feelings and you are the best person to teach them this. 
Make sure that you review your child’s assignments when completed and ask questions about it. When you do this, you can gain a better understanding of your child’s learning style; challenges; and strengths.

Heap rewards on child!!! Let them know that they can do this; they were designed for this; they are destined for greatness! Every mile stone they accomplish celebrate with them! 
Some parents struggle with giving rewards to a child for doing the homework they are supposed to do. However there is famous saying “Encouragement Sweetens Labour.” How you do you feel when you complete your expected tasks at work and your boss praises you with a bonus! Nice right? Well multiply that by 10,000 for a child! They thrive with compliments.

This is by no means an easy task for some parents because some children struggle with ‘self- motivation’ than others and need to be nudged for a longer period of time. Parents don’t give up! You can do this! The rewards will be great in the end and they will thank you later. All the best.

Author: Samantha Campbell MSW, RSW

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